10/20/2017; A Goodbye to Gord Downie, Canada’s Inspiring Singer

Gord Downie, the famed Tragically Hip singer, sadly passed away last Tuesday, the 17th of October 2017, late at night. In order to remember Gord Downie, here are several links leading you to articles and videos about him. Learn about his legacy below;






10/16/2017; Hurricane Maria leaves Puerto Ricans Drinking Unsafe Water

After the devastating Hurricane Maria barrelled right through Puerto Rico, all electricity and water systems were wiped out, leaving the locals with no drinking water whatsoever. In fact, they were so desperate, they began filling containers with spring water, river water… and contaminated water. In this CNN article, a [nearly] 40 year old man was found drinking water out of a contaminated well in the middle of a toxic waste site. Thousands of people have hit that level of desperation, creating a humanitarian issue on the island. This is something that we should be aware of, as health is so important in our world, and we should all be aware about this type of thing, of how lucky we are not to face this, and to know just how bad a disaster is.

The link to the article is;http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/16/americas/puerto-rico-superfund-water/index.html

10/12/2017; Exploring Circles

10/11/2017;FlyingSAUCER Waterslide; how it works.

The FlyingSAUCER waterslide make from Proslide Technology is a revolutionary make of a slide, with speedy saucer-like curves, giving you the feeling of sliding on a bobsled! This video shows how the ride works, with high speeds and nearly hitting forces of up to 2G! Only six of it’s kind have been installed since 2015, and this video was created just under an hour ago (10/11/2017) for the purposes of; informing waterparks about it, talking about how it works, and PERSUADING them to add this monster to their shopping cart. It’s not an ad; but if I was a big place like Wet’n’Wild TO, I’d think about it for sure!

10/4/2017; How to Calculate Powers

9/30/2017; Becoming a Guardian of Winona!!| Our Experience

For the past two days, us 7s & 8s participated in the awesome Leadership program @ Winona Park. For those unfamiliar with the camp, it consists of several physical activities and full-scale games designed to teach us necessary skills in life, like politeness, respect, collaboration, and teamwork. Everyone found this camp to be fun and excitable, even though this year, the camp wasn’t hosted by the Camp Glenmore staff, who brought about several challenges that tested our skill, perseverance, and teamwork. However, our amazing Winona teachers put together some great collaborative challenges, and kept up the Camp Glenmore spirit. Over the past two days, we participated in several activities that included some of my favourites, like….

Cane Tower had us competing against another team to build one of the tallest, free-standing stick towers. Here, teamwork was the core of success for our 6-metre tower, where unfortunately, our COMMUNISM, ANARCHY, and LIGHT BLUE PREVAILS chants were born (don’t ask why).

Command & Conquer had 6-person squadrons running around to different “stations” all over Winona Park, spending as much time as possible at each station before enemy squadrons kicked them out. Running around getting more time scored points for our colour team, and brought us to know individual members better (LIGHT BLUE PREVAILS!!!!).

Giant Scrabble brought out the masterminds of each group as we all struggled to form words with our given letters. Thanks to me, and several others, we won with over 40 words and 450+ points (LONG LIVE LIGHT BLUE!)(COMMUNISM!!).

Oh yes, it was a great 2 days, apart from where my entire left hand swelled up after a wasp sting, but that’s another story. The point is that we had a ton of fun, and we are now [legit] Guardians of Winona. Yay!!!! Thanks for reading!!!

P.S; Please blame T. Basserman for the COMMUNISM chant. Hah!

9/18/2017; The $100M Question: What I would do.

If I had a whooping $100,000,000 to give away to others in need of it, I would face a very hard, complex, and financially-stressful decision. But in the end, I’ve got it, all the while knowing that it would only benefit a small part of the world. And this is it…[drum roll 5 secs]… donating to the nation of Dominican Republic. Yes, this issue has been around since they became separate from the Spanish. It is not immediate, and poverty is more famous in other places, like Africa and India, but I have family in there, and whenever I go, me and my family try to help out whenever we can. We would get some organization, like the Red Cross, to help us out, and to distribute the money evenly, as best as we can, to improve schooling and healthcare, reduce poverty by at least 10% (and still, thats dreaming big-time), and more of that kind of thing. Maybe more than $100M would be needed, but that is how I would use it. Please respond, as I will answer any questions.

Sliding Fun for all!

I felt inspired to do something. To accomplish something. I just had that urge to do something that I liked. Even if it was just a video of a slide at a public pool. So I made waterslide videos.

With a few others, I created Kaspersetz Slide Studios, a major Youtube channel with over 20 waterslide videos, where we {me and co.} visit some of Canada’s hottest water parks to take on-ride POVs, which are sure to please! Please check out our {me and co.} channel page to view our {me and co.} awesome videos, and I personally encourage you to support K.S.Studios by liking my videos, commenting if you can, and subscribing! Class 8C, enjoy!

CHECK IT OUT HERE @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-OBBQKU7kDdGLjZi9wOrw?view_as=subscriber

9/6/2017; A New Start!

Welcome, fellow students of Mr. Kivell’s class (and a warm welcome to Mr. Kivell himself)! I’m sure that many of you may have had past acquaintances with me in the past, but for the number that haven’t, I might as well privilege myself to give a small introduction about myself. I, Erik J. Kaspersetz (if that part was a little too fancy, feel free to let me know in the comments below) have been coming to Winona since J.K., and therefore know most of the older staff pretty well. I am 13 years old, and I do great in academics. Although I love math and science, I’m an amazing writer and I still do well at everything else. All in all, I love to learn! After school, I participate in activities that include swimming competitively (thrice per week), playing tennis (once a week), and doing Oxford tutoring (once a week).(Mathematically, that would be 3/5+1/5+1/5=5/5, making one activity every weekday). A few of my other personal interests include building structures (using Lego, K’nex, Minecraft, etc), drawing, and robotics. And I come from a family of 4, having a mother, father, younger sister, plus a {{very}fat} cat and a dog. And since this post is getting a little long, I’ll stop here. I hope that this turns into a very good year!

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