11/14/2017; Absolutely True Diary… Chapter 6-7 Response

So, it’s happening… Junior has decided to go to Reardan, the white school that sits outside of the reservation. Unlike the schools on the res, the whites [probably] are smart and strong and hopeful for the future. And even if they aren’t exactly smart, they still have an opportunity, which is a word that I consider stronger than hope. Another word found nowhere on the res. And thats found about as much as Indian white-lovers; Rowdy went ballistic and punched Junior in the nose, and brought down the whole friendship. Yep; it’s Junior the White Lover to him. No personal surprise to me, as Rowdy hates the whites for several reasons, especially Reardan kids, as they beat him in practically all the sports. But then, you can never expect to make quick friends with your enemies. Back in grade 4, I was bullied until my teacher put a stop to it, and I stayed away for a bit until it passed and we became friends. Not that I can see that happening to Rowdy and the whites, but all in all, going to Reardan better be worth it. It sure better be. [And with my luck, I think it will].

11/7/2017; Absolutely True Diary… Chapter 5 Response

At the end of Chapter 4, Junior, out of uncontrollable anger, throws his outdated textbook at Mr. P., one of his teachers, and gets suspended for it. During that suspension, in Chapter 5, Mr. P. pays a visit to Junior’s house and tells Junior that he ought to leave the reservation if he wanted to be something. He said that everyone here had had a dream about what they wanted to be, but they had to give them up, as they couldn’t afford them, and they were Indians, or First Nations, after all. Everybody had just given up. But not Junior, who threw an un-beneficial textbook at a teacher, telling Mr. P., the teacher himself, that he hadn’t given up yet, but hope wouldn’t be found anywhere on the reservation. Junior, I sure do hope that you leave the reservation to go be something, to get the dammed chance to be something, to have the hope and opportunity that all of them whites have got. If you wanna be something, I sure hope to hell that by Chapter 7, you heed Mr. P.’s advice and make a leave, if you know what’s _______ good for you. Cause there’s a chance, boy, a chance; you’re relatives and friends and ancestors didn’t get it, but you’ve got a chance to acquire a couple treasures that thousands couldn’t have; Hope and opportunity.

10/25/2017; Absolutely True Diary… Chap. 3, Reading Response

In the chapter, the main character, Junior, talks about his best friend, Rowdy. Rowdy has a mad, savage personality, beating and breaking everything and everyone, save Junior, and throws various fits. to put it plainly, he’s insane, but on another side, he loves comics. Not the action packed superhero ones, but the funny, goofy ones, like Archie and Casper the Ghost. Whoa… that sure is putting him in a good light, proving that he has a good side, too. Everyone has a good side, except for those filled with cruelty (like Hitler and Rocket Man). Take Mussolini, an Italian Prime Minister, who fought with Germany in WW2, and yet, he saved several Jewish victims. See, everyone has a good side to them, even if their bad. And although I won’t say that he’s bad, I’ll say that for Rowdy. Man, I hope that Junior realized this from my POV, although I’m not sure whether he said that or not. And that is what I think about chapter 3.

10/20/2017; A Goodbye to Gord Downie, Canada’s Inspiring Singer

Gord Downie, the famed Tragically Hip singer, sadly passed away last Tuesday, the 17th of October 2017, late at night. In order to remember Gord Downie, here are several links leading you to articles and videos about him. Learn about his legacy below;






10/16/2017; Hurricane Maria leaves Puerto Ricans Drinking Unsafe Water

After the devastating Hurricane Maria barrelled right through Puerto Rico, all electricity and water systems were wiped out, leaving the locals with no drinking water whatsoever. In fact, they were so desperate, they began filling containers with spring water, river water… and contaminated water. In this CNN article, a [nearly] 40 year old man was found drinking water out of a contaminated well in the middle of a toxic waste site. Thousands of people have hit that level of desperation, creating a humanitarian issue on the island. This is something that we should be aware of, as health is so important in our world, and we should all be aware about this type of thing, of how lucky we are not to face this, and to know just how bad a disaster is.

The link to the article is;http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/16/americas/puerto-rico-superfund-water/index.html

10/11/2017;FlyingSAUCER Waterslide; how it works.

The FlyingSAUCER waterslide make from Proslide Technology is a revolutionary make of a slide, with speedy saucer-like curves, giving you the feeling of sliding on a bobsled! This video shows how the ride works, with high speeds and nearly hitting forces of up to 2G! Only six of it’s kind have been installed since 2015, and this video was created just under an hour ago (10/11/2017) for the purposes of; informing waterparks about it, talking about how it works, and PERSUADING them to add this monster to their shopping cart. It’s not an ad; but if I was a big place like Wet’n’Wild TO, I’d think about it for sure!